Entering into a Work Contract

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• A work contract is a contract concluded between an employer and an employee, whereby the latter undertakes to work under the management or supervision of the former for a wage.

 The work contract shall be in duplicates, one copy to be retained by each of the two parties. However, a contract shall be deemed to exist even if not written. In this case the employee alone may establish the contract and his entitlements arising there from by all methods of proof. Either party may at any time demand that the contract be in writing. As for employees of the government and public corporations, the appointment decision or order issued by the competent authority shall serve as the contract.

 Subject to Article (37) of the Labor Law, the Ministry of Labor shall issue a unified form for the work contract, which shall primarily include the name of the employer, venue, the name of the employee, nationality, identification, wage agreed upon including any benefits, date of employment and duration of the contract if fixed.

 The work contract shall be in accordance with the unified form mentioned above and the parties to the work contract may add any other articles as long as such article do not contradict with the provisions of the Labor Law, its Executive Regulation and any other decisions issued in this regard.

 The work contract for non-Saudis shall be written and of a definite term. If the contract does not specify the term, the term of the work permit shall be deemed as the duration of the contract.​

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