Duration of Maternity Leave

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• Female workers shall be entitled to full-term maternity leave for a period of ten weeks, which they distribute as they like, starting with a maximum of four weeks before the likely date of delivery, and the likely date of delivery shall be determined by a medical certificate approved by a health authority.

• It shall be forbidden to employ a female worker after giving birth in any way within the next six weeks, and such a female worker shall be entitled to extend the leave for one unpaid month.

• Likewise, in the event of giving birth to a sick child or a person  with a disability, whose his health condition requires continuous accompaniment, such a female worker shall be entitled to one-month leave fully paid starting after the end of the maternity leave period, and  shall be entitled to extend the leave for one-month unpaid leave.

• The employer may not dismiss a female worker or warn her while she is pregnant or enjoys her maternity leave, and this includes the duration of her illness arising from either of them provided that such an illness is proven by an accredited medical certificate and that her absence period does not exceed (one hundred and eighty) days per year whether successive or separate.