Husband's Death Leave (EDDAH)

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1.     A Muslim working woman whose husband deceases shall be entitled to a fully paid leave for a period of no less than four months and ten days from the date of death, and such a woman shall be entitled to extend this for an unpaid leave if she is pregnant - during this period - until she gives birth, and shall not be permissible to use the rest of EDDAH leave granted to her - under this LAW - after giving birth.

2. A non-Muslim female worker whose husband dies shall be entitled to a fully paid leave for fifteen days. In all cases, the female worker whose husband deceases shall not be permitted to perform any work with others during this period. The employer shall be entitled to request documents supporting the aforementioned cases.


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​According to Article 113 of the Labor Law, the Employee is entitled to a five days leave with full pay in case of marriage, or death of a spouse ancestor or descendant dies. Ancestors mean parents and grandparent and descendants mean children and grandchildren. Moreover, the employee is entitled for three days leave in case of childbirth,This is in accordance with Article 113 of the Labor Law.

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