Tasks of Free Employment Units

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• The Ministry shall provide thoughtful employment units free of charge to help workers get the right jobs, and to help employers find the right workers. M/22.
• Collecting and analyzing the necessary information on the labor market and labor market development to be accessible to the various public and private bodies concerned with economic and social planning.
Carrying out the following duties:
• Registration of job seekers. M/22
• Obtaining data on vacant jobs from employers. M/22
• Referral of workers' requests to suitable vacancies. M/22
• Providing advice and support to job seekers regarding qualification and vocational training, or re-training necessary to obtain vacant jobs. M/22
• Other matters determined by the Ministry. M/22
• Every citizen of employability age and willing to be employed may request that his name be entered in the employment unit, indicating the date of birth, his qualifications, previous work, preferences and address.


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