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 Article (65)

In addition to the duties provided for in this Law and the regulations and decisions issued in implementation thereof, the worker shall be required to:
1- Perform the work in accordance with the trade practice and the employer’s instructions provided that such instructions do not conflict with the contract, the law, or public morality and that they do not expose him/her to any undue hazards.
2- Take due care of the employer’s machinery, tools, supplies, and raw materials which are placed at his disposal or in his custody and return unused materials to the employer.
3- Abide by proper conduct and ethical norms during work.
4- Extend all assistance and help without making it contingent on additional pay in cases of disasters or hazards threatening the workplace or the persons working therein.
5- Undergo, upon the employer’s request, the medical examinations required prior to or during employment to ensure that he/she is free from occupational or communicable diseases.
6- Keep confidential the technical, trade, and industrial secrets of the materials he produces or those to which he directly or indirectly contributes to the production thereof, as well as all trade secrets related to the work or firm, the disclosure of which is likely to cause damage to the employer’s interests.