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In accordance with Paragraph (1) of Article (10) of the Implementing Regulations:


A disabled person  means every person proven under a medical report issued by the Ministry of Health or Hospitals of other governmental sectors or under one of the identification cards issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development that he has one or more permanent disability as in the following forms: (Visual, hearing, mental, physical, and motor impairment, learning disability, speech disorder, behavioral and emotional disorders, autism), or any other disability requires one form of the facilitating measures and services.

Ability to work in accordance with the Implementing Regulations:

The ability to work means that the person with disability has fulfilled the vacancy requirements, or the work applied for, including the science, vocation, skill and/or other requirements that help him/her perform his/her work.

The facilitating measures and services:  Mean the engineering modifications and provision of appropriate work conditions and environment according to the standards stated under Chapter (2) of architectural requirements folder, under Saudi Building Code and any of the arrangements indicated under the guiding list attached hereto (Annex No. 3) that might be required to enable the person with disability to perform the assigned tasks.