3. What are the requirements for probation period?

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  1. If the worker is subject to a probation period, the same shall be expressly stated and clearly indicated in the work contract, provided that such probation period shall not exceed 90 days. The probation period may be extended by written agreement between the worker and the employer, provided that it shall not exceed 180 days.
  2. A worker may not be placed on probation more than once by the same employer. As an exception, the worker may, with the approval of contract parties, in writing, be subjected to another probation period provided that such period involves 
  1. another profession
  2.  or work,
  1. or if a period of no less than six months has elapsed since the termination of the employment relationship between the worker and the employer. 
  2. Eid Al-Fitr and Eid Al-Adha holidays and sick leaves shall be excluded from the calculation of the probation period.
  3. If the contract is terminated during the probation period, neither party shall be entitled to compensation nor shall the worker be entitled to an end-of-service award.